Shooting very cool weddings...

I started shooting weddings with Stacey Kane a few years back because I was brave enough to ask. We met at a gathering of wedding photographers and I was thrilled to be introduced to her as Stacey was "Somebody" in the wedding industry.

So one day I drew up the courage and asked if I could second shoot just one wedding with her, I would be her equipment Sherpa, lug water, or whatever she asked, I just wanted to be able to watch her shoot a wedding. Because I'd seen her images and slideshows and really wanted to see how she shot because I don't think anybody tells the story of a wedding day better than her (insert big butt kissing sound here).


Well, she thought I didn't suck as a water lugger so I have been shooting weddings with her ever since.

One of the cool things about working with Stacey is we get to shoot high end, luxurious weddings and (on occasion) the weddings celebrities (the first question from my daughters when I get home is "who was there?" followed by "did you get any pictures of them?").

So the food, the venue, the entertainment is as good as it gets, but because of who these people are, we are often contractually obligated due to non-disclosure clauses not talk about or show images from these weddings.

But I can share a few images from the wedding from last weekend.

The wedding was set on the coast of Maine and as usual, everything was top notch, but during the dinner there was some "buzz" about a surprise.

As we moved from the dining to the entertainment tent we were greeted by none other than Lionel Richie. Yes, I know, by knowing who he his and enjoying his music it makes me old, but I'm okay with that. And yes, having Lionel Richie stare at me as I photographed him was kinda cool.

Dancing your first dance as husband and wife to"Stuck on You" performed on piano by Lionel Richie himself....WOW!

So while Stacey is in the the front of the stage photographing the dancing my job is to shoot things from a different angle.

As I am photographing I see Lionel reach into the crowd and pull up none other than Stacey herself to the stage! She's shooting the crowd, shooting him, having a great time. I am to the side firing like crazy thinking to myself "please be in focus, please be in focus".

And I find out after the fact Stacey is thinking "Scott better be getting this, he better be getting this!".

After Lionel finished his concert the guests were escorted ocean side for a spectacular fireworks display while the next band set up, preparing for the dancing portion of the evening.

It was a looooong day, but I wouldn't have missed it for anything.


Anonymous said...

I'd love to second shoot a wedding or anything with people, but for whatever reason I haven't made contact with a photographer willing to accept free help- Go figure!

Doug/d2 photo

Joanne said...

I would be happy to lug water and second shoot for either of you...please:)

Anonymous said...

Hey guys! I loved all of these pictures. I think my favorite was the picture of just Lionel’s head. I have a few questions though. What type of camera do you guys use? Also if you guys use photo shop which I’m guessing you do is it possible that you could put a blog that shows how to use it or maybe a little tutorial? Thanks :D

Scott said...

Thanks for the kind words.

We both (Stacey and I) shot with the Nikon D3.

I do use Photoshop, but did not on these images.

Is there a specific task you wanted to do with Photoshop? What kind of tutorial are you looking for?

Anonymous said...

Well I was mostly wondering on any kind of basic effects or just making the picture look better all around. Do you know of any photo editing programs that you started on or are easy to follow because right know I’m just using iPhoto on my mac and it really isn’t doing the trick for me. any help?

Chapel of the Flowers said...

hahaha I love the first picture you showed us it was pretty epic!

Scott said...

Why thank you!

UII Photography said...

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