Marketing your photography studio...

Every photographer I know, even those with high profile & successful studios, are all saying the same thing "my bookings are down" and "I don't have as many weddings next year as I usually do".

One of the painful truths about photography is that as folks have less disposable income, it's one of the first things to come of their list.

So today's post is dedicated to help you market your photography business.

1. Professional Photographers of America. Even if you don't have the money to join another organization right now, they have a great many resources available for free on their website, You can also access many of the articles from the latest monthly magazine here.

2. David Ziser. Not only will you learn how to be a better photographer, David will help you run a better business. You need to make "Better Business Thursday" a regular part of your week.

3. You will find "10 Low Cost Ideas" for marketing your photography business here.

4. Virtual Photography Studio will provide you with marketing techniques, pricing strategies, and tips for selling your photographs.

5. Tin Shed is another blog that is dedicated to helping you market your studio.

6. Photography Marketing’s Weblog will give you marketing advice and a free newsletter as well.

7. is not photography specific, but has much to offer.

8. Academy Internet. If you have a website, you should subscribe to this podcast.

9. "Help, my business sucks!" is a weekly podcast that “get more done and have more fun”.

10. If you are part of the social networking trend (Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.) Ping will allow you to post to 30 different social networking sites with just one entry. A BIG time saver.

11. David Hobby (Strobist god) gives you "Four Reasons to Consider Working for Free".

If your favorite marketing tool is not listed here, please share it with us.


la kaye said...

I read through these and I think they're fantastic. That two-dollar bill thing was a surprising and useful tip. If we start using these tips now with the economy in the crapper, we will be a thousand times stronger when it picks up.

Thanks for taking the time to gather all this useful information.

Alyson B. Stanfield said...

Scott, thank you for listing I'm honored to be on this list. AND, I'm checking out these other links--some of which I was unaware of. Happy holidays!

Jason Anderson said...

Great post and fantastic resources - I'd heard of most but not visited in a while. I particularly liked the David Ziser reference (great story there about a $2 deal) and the 10 Low Cost Ideas link (esp. with the part about leaving your card with tip in restaurants)...

Heather said...

Hey Scott - Thanks for putting together such a resourceful post and for including Tin Shed. One of the best ways to boost your exposure on the web is through links...we could all use a little internet buzz in our lives.

Digital Photography Tips said...

That is just a cool pic of a camera made from money .. you know with a little work you could make a cool pinhole camera that way.

Sharon said...

Hi, Scott. I offer a free ebook of 104 marketing tips. This marketing resource isn't specifically for photographers, but for small business people...which I assume many photographers to be! It's available for free, anyone can go to to find out more about it. Thanks!!