The merriest Christmas to you…

This was the first year of “non-believers” in our house… no milk and cookies for Santa, no reindeer mix for Rudolph and company.

I know, I know, my mind tells me that I have absolutely no right to complain, and I’m not. I have too much to be grateful for, but my heart is having a hard time letting my little girls become young women.

May you and yours have a warm and loving holiday season.

Let your new year be full of love and family.

I hope there is always food on your table and those most important to you sitting around it.

That your home is warm and your heart is happy.

That as you look back over this past year you see happiness, and as you look forward to the new year you see nothing but hope.

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Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas! I enjoy your blog a lot. Thanks!