Would you like ice with your winter?

A huge ice storm has hit us here in the northeast, the latest update has over 1 million people without power.

We just got our power back after six hours of darkness, and it was starting to getting rather cool in my house.

Here are some images I took from my back porch:


Paul Kremer said...

Ice storms are so beautiful in one way, and yet so unbelievably destructive in another. I don't envy you! We are about to get a huge blizzard this weekend in Fargo, but we rarely get ice storms like that.

la kaye said...

i LOVE it when the branches look this way. i mean, it's no fun having to drive on slick surfaces and scraping layers of ice from the winshield, but it so pretty! :-)

Michael Palmer said...

Double YOUCH!! did you have to huddle together = )