More ice please...

Here in New England there are 1.2 million folks still waiting for power after yesterdays storm.

Fortunately I am not one of them.

The temps are not supposed to get out of the teens for the next couple days, so the ice isn't going anywhere soon.

Here are a few more shots from my neighborhood (click on any image to view larger a larger version):


Pamela Smith, Looking Glass Studios said...

Oh, dear, Scott! It really IS bad up there!! We got heavy rain down here in metro NY, but you got it worse. I'm glad you've got power and heat -- a dear friend of mine lives in Wells and is still without. I'll tell you, though, as cold and dangerous as the ice can be, it really turns things into a magical, beautifully preserved wonderland. And it doesn't happen as extreme as this all that often. Thanks for sharing the photos. They're beautiful. Now, have another cup of cocoa!! :)

Paul said...

Great blog! Your ice storm images are excellent. Sorry about your fortune but for as little as NE weather had been in the news this year, was wondering when the east coast would pay some dues. We just wrapped up with a big ice storm here in the Central US which provided countless photographic opportunities. Look forward to following your writings, best wishes.