For all you Twilight fans...

Chances are if you have a daughter (or several) you are well aware of the Twilight books and movie by Stephenie Meyer.

Even if you don't (have daughters) you've probably seen the advertisements and images that have blanketed the media.

Well, photographer Zach Hodges did an outstanding (and elegantly simple) reproduction of the "Twilight style" and was kind enough to share how he did it.

So, if you want to see how, check out Zack's detailed tutorial on his blog here. If you want to see some of Zack's other work (and you should), check out his website.

One of the tools used in creating his Twilight image was a DIY beauty dish, you can find the plans here. Since the original posting of the beauty dish plans there have been two updates, you'll find them here and here.

Zack also used some actions as part of his image processing that you may not have (or don't want to buy), you can try using the "Dave Hill" technique that we have talked about in the past.

I am in the process of making my own beauty dish and my daughters (and their friends) or chomping at the bit to make this image, so I will let you know how things turn out.


Michael Palmer said...

ooohhh my a vampire in the making for maine!!! I can not wait!!!

Tp, said...


Thank you for posting the link to my DIY Beauty dish at I hope that other photogs can use the plans to create a dish of their own. The major key to the dish is the adjustable mirror. It lets you match the mirror and the bowl shape so you get good quality light.