And the best camera you can shoot with is...

I told you yesterday that if you came back today I would tell you the best camera to shoot with... but I am not going to spout out a specific brand... nope.

What I am going to say is something many of you have heard before (and I believe to be true), that the best camera you can shoot with is the one you have with you at the time.

Let me submit my two humble photographs, taken with my phone, as proof.

Both were shot when I had no intention of taking a photograph.

The first image. It had snowed the night before and I was rushing out the door, looked up and thought the trees looked pretty cool, pulled out my phone and took the shot.

And the second. This image was taken while sitting at my computer, the sun came through the window and cast (what I thought to be) a cool shadow on the wall. Now if I went to dig out my camera body, a lens, a memory card and came back to take the picture the sun would have moved and the shot would be gone. So again I grabbed my phone and grabbed the shot.

(click on either image to view larger & in a new window)

Are they the best images ever? Nope, but I like them and had it not been for my phone, I never would have had them.

So don't be afraid to take a photograph with your best camera, that one you have with you.


fotographx said...

I am of the opinion: "The worst photo ever is the one not taken." I agree it doesn't matter what camera you have as long as you take the photo. Sometimes it may be the photo is not the best photo ever but it will evoke a memory of something and that is the best part.

David R Martinson said...

Agreed, the one you have with you. People ask me this question all the time and I give them that answer, but I also ask what it is they want to accomplish with the camera. I dig deeper and usually give the advice of "There is no need for you to buy a new camera, go home, read the manual and really learn what your camera can do, you'll be surprised". A few weeks later (insert crowd cheers) they come back and say they have read it are definitely getting some better pictures to which I reply, "Nope, now you are creating better images!"

Tera said...

When it was time to buy a new cell phone this was one of my major considerations. I always have my phone handy even if my camera is not.

Helene said...