Saturday, January 14, 2012

Spring must be right around the corner...


Because I got my first seed catalog yesterday, spent the evening marking out my selections for the upcoming gardening season, and will most likely have my order in the mail later today.


Yes, I am a gardening nerd, with a major in tomatoes.

Not being a big fan of winter (actually, not even a small fan), I use all those seed catalogs that stuff my mailbox as a "happy distraction" from the cold and snow, like the 10 inches that just fell on us.

But sadly, much like the political primaries, the catalogs are coming earlier and earlier which is making it a bit harder to trick my (simple) mind.

Gotta go, the mailman just pulled up and he might have more seed catalogs.

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Joanna Kapia said...

Your tomatos look so yummy! Hope the spring will come to you soon:)

Helene said...

Those are some tomatos! My 2011 crop was lackluster. Hopefully 2012 will be more successful and I'll have something to photograph!

Anonymous said...

Wow!!!!! your tomatoes looks so yummy.. i am really amazed with your PHOTOGRAPHY.

David R Martinson said...

Seeds were put out a few weeks ago at a local big box store in my area. Living in Minnesota, I couldn't figure out why so early, but people were shopping it...capturing sales...

I like the tri pic with the fun caption, gives me some ideas for future prints. Nice. Thanks.