Something really big here at Weekly Photo Tips...

Moving forward we have a new supporter of Weekly Photo Tips, it's Adorama.

They will be the sole sponsor of our blog, our YouTube channel, and our podcast (which will launch next week).

I have been an Adorama customer since my very first digital camera and have continued with them as I learned, progressed, and eventually became a professional photographer because I really like how they do business, they offer great prices and phenomenal customer service.

We have had several companies approach us looking for a "relationship" and have always said "NO", but with Adorama it was different because it was a perfect fit... for us AND for you.

There will be more products to review, even more photography gear and do-dads to give away, including seats at some of their outstanding seminars held at their New York City location.

If you are not familiar with them, here is what you know about Adorama:

* You will find what you’re looking for and it will be in stock.

* You will get your order as quickly as possible.

* They provide the lowest prices and the best value.

* They seek to inspire and teach.

* All while offering heroic service.

Because I always have been upfront and honest with you our readers I am sure the first question will be "will you be making money?", and the answer is yes (but trust me, I won't be quitting my day job), what we make will help support of the cost of running our sites (domain names, hosting, production, etc.) but you should also know that 25% of every penny we get will be split between Operation Smile and food pantries here in Southern Maine.

This new relationship will allow us to do do more, more reviews, you will learn about more specials, we'll have more giveaways, AND we'll get to help people in need... this is going to be beneficial for everyone.

A big thanks to you for being our readers and to Adorama for joining us.

We are all going to have fun together.


Chance said...

wow, very cool! Congratulations!

jamie said...

Hi Scott, I am an amuture photographer, I am still learning I ran into your web site via you tube. I live in Saco Maine but work in kennebunk port. I just started my own web site. it would be great to meet you sometime and go for a shoot and get some pointers. If you are ever in kennebunk, email me , lunch is on me. Thank you, from Jamie Gallagher.

Joanna said...

What an exciting news! Adorama is great. I used to purchase gear & print with them and enjoyed their friendliness and willingness to help. Now I live in Europe, so I am not able to enjoy shopping with them.

Miguel Palaviccini said...

Whoa, that's great news Scott! I actually just got off the phone with them a bit a go to see if they price match the other big camera company in NY (they do!!!). Glad to hear that weeklyphototips has them as a sponsor now

Matt M. said...

Sweet! Congratulations Scott.

Maryann [Maryann's*****Fotos] said...

Great! They are an excellent source for all things PHOTO!

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