Just when you think you're having a bad day...

First, I just want to let all of our new visitors and subscribers know that if we post on weekends, it will most likely be off (photography) topic, sometimes waaaaaaaay off topic.

So, having been duly informed, let's head off topic.

While getting my news fix yesterday I came across this story about children in Indonesia who make their way to school every day by going over a semi-collapsed bridge (and then cross it again on their way home).

My first thought was, "if this bridge has already partially collapsed, how safe can what's left really be?".

And then I would waffle between feeling such sadness for these children and embarrassment at just how much I have, and take for granted.

Fat, dumb, and happy.

So I wanted to share it (the story, not the fat, dumb, happiness), so that maybe for today we can take a moment and appreciate how lucky we are.

You can find the full story and more images here.


Anonymous said...

i feel the same way when i read stories like this. its a reality check and we need to be reminded of it more often.

Tera said...

It's so hard to see images like these; to imagine what these children go through on a daily basis.