Time for another wedding Wednesday...

Welcome back to wedding Wednesday (previous WW's can be found here and here).

Here are three images from the same wedding that were not on my "shot list" for the day and the first two I normally would not have had the opportunity to shoot.

Usually I'm positioned inside the church, waiting for the bride to make her entrance, but at this wedding I was outside because the church was tiny. There was barely room for one photographer, never mind two.

So I was hanging outside, thinking I would grab a shot of the bride and her dad (from behind) as they entered the church. I got more than I expected.

In this image they paused, brides father turned to her and told her how much he loved her and how beautiful she looked.

As they walked towards the church they paused again, dad was just a little emotional, so the bride put a comforting hand on his shoulder and just as she did a breeze kicked up and "wrapped" him in her wedding dress.

This final shot was after the wedding, we were actually hiding from the guests (so they would leave) and we could shoot the bride and groom. While we waited this image presented itself, another "happy accident".

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So the take away from todays shots are be prepared. You never know what photographic opportunity will present itself and if you're not ready, if your camera is just dangling around your neck, you'll miss some great shots.


Artem Tarasov said...

All shots are really nice but I think what first and second shorts presented bride and groom (not father) until viewed third shot and read text :)
Third shot is really fantastic moment!
You are absolutely right. When I look to the great works of photographic masters with fantastic moments first I think "How?". How they can find and make shot at this time at this place? Fortune? May be one, two, three times but not few times a week.

fatlab99 Matt said...

I love the third shot as well! Great emotion! Nice work Scott.

Melissa Fang said...

Hi Mr. Scott! My name is Melissa. I'm an amateur photography hobbyist from the University of Pennsylvania, and I am fascinated by your writing and critiques. I just started my own photo blog, http://fangfotographie.blogspot.com/ and I was wondering if you would follow and critique me from time to time. I'm very interested in improving my photography skills. Thanks!