BlogWorld 2012 in NYC and other things...

There are a few things I wanted to let you know about.

Thing 1:

You may have noticed that the blog has not been as active this week as it usually is, but that's because I spent most of the week at BlogWorld in New York City!

Very cool, very exciting stuff (in a geeky, nerdy, blogger kinda way).

Soooo glad I went because I have picked up some new ideas for the blog that is (hopefully) going to make it even better than what it is now.

Thing 2:

While I was gone we received over a hundred requests for the Dave Hill action set and I wanted to let you know we will be emailing those out in the next couple days. If you would like a set all you need to do is drop us an email and you'll be added to the list of those who will be receiving them.

Thing 3:

We will be posting our interview with Lou Jones next week over at The Photography Podcast, so be sure to come back and check it out.

See you next week.


Dave said...

Got the Actions this morning, thanks, they are pretty cool to tinker with.

Jodi Renshaw said...

Welcome home :)