Here's one more freebie for this week...

We have had a few cool and useful free offers this week and want to end it with one more.

Today it' the free image editing software Zoner Photo Studio.

Yes, we have talked about free image editing software in the past (you can find a pretty extensive list here), and I have used them all, but Zoner is at the top of my list.

Not only is it an an outstanding image editing tool, but it has many other features that pushed it over the top, here are just 3 that did it for me:

DIM (digital image management) - one of the most important thing you can do once your collection of images goes beyond 2 is image file management and Zoner will help you do this beautifully.

Tagging - not only can you add GPS tags to your images, but something else I have really harped on in the past is keywords, if your images are going on the web you MUST use keywords to make them searchable (and) visible in the search engines.

Sharing - speaking of the web, Zoner will allow you to easily and seamlessly share/post images on social sites like Facebook, Flickr, and more.

But don't just take my word for it, I strongly encourage you to give a try yourself, you can download Zoner Photo Studio 14 here, check out their long list of tutorials here, or watch their YouTube videos.