One more prize added to our contest...

Yup, we're going to throw one more log in the fire, making this a contest we may never top.

We are adding the DVD "Digital Photos From Concept to Completion" by Tim Grey.

And here are the other prizes that are in the big prize package:

1. The 7 DVD instructional extravaganza "Lighting in Layers" from Strobist/David Hobby

2. A 1 year pro membership to 

3. A Flashpoint Remote Flash Trigger Kit

4. A SaberStrip light box

5. Zoner Pro image editing software

6. "Off-Camera Flash" by Neil van Niekerk

All the detail on how to enter the contest can be found here.

Folks have had one question: "1 image upload + 1 comment + 1 "friending" = 1 contest entry." but how can you "Like" your Facebook page more than once?"

You can't, and that's my fault for not being more clear, so the first time you will upload 1 image + make 1 comment + 1 "Like" on Facebook = 1 contest entry, after that each image you submit to our Flickr group and each comment you make to either the blog, our podcast, or our YouTube will count as another (single) contest entry. And you are welcome to enter the contest multiple times.

Hope that clears things up.

So you have until this Friday (June 15th) to enter, as the winner will be announce that afternoon.

Good luck to everyone.


Fatlab99 said...


non geographic numbers said...

I know so many people who have bought DSLR's only to find out that they are too complicated, too big and the pictures are not that better than from a good compact camera.

Dave said...

Wow! You just keep adding and adding! Sweet!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great deal! I'm in and I'm sharing this on Facebook. Thanks Scott.

Isidro Urena said...

Great contest with cool prices!! Liked!

Jodi Renshaw said...

Done, done and done :) I SO want this bounty of awesomeness.

Barrie said...


Miguel Palaviccini said...

No way! I mean ... Awesome! Thanks for putting this together for the readers. Only a couple more days!!!