Two bazillion free fonts...

There are times when working on a client project that the standard fonts you find on your computer just are not doing it for you.

And the correct font can really "make" the project (just as a bad font can sink it).

Below is list of websites that have way more fonts than you ever knew existed.

1001 Free Fonts 

Abstract Fonts

Acid Fonts

California Fonts

Font Freak

Font Squirrel

Get Free Fonts

Simply The Best Fonts

Urban Fonts

If you download any of these fonts for a project I (and your fellow Weekly Photo Tippers) would love to see your final product so email me a screenshot or join our Flickr group and post it there.


Miguel Palaviccini said...

I counted ... and there weren't two bazillion! haha. Great tool and very easy to install. Although with so many options, it's a bit overwhelming.

Jane Walington said...

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