Review of the Flashpoint Remote Flash Trigger Kit...

We had the pleasure of getting our hands on the Flashpoint Remote Flash Trigger Kit and started falling in love as we were unpacking it.

Once we began actually using it the love was complete.

Here are just a few things that we really like about it.

1. The receiver comes with 3 firing options, a hot shoe, a PC sync socket, AND a 3.5mm mini jack which gives you with multiple options/choices for firing flashes. You can put a flash on the hot shoe and have it fire your other flashes, or (what we did) we put a flash in the hot shoe, attached a cable to the PC sync socket followed by a "Y" cable that allowed us to run cable to two different flashes so every time the transmitter fired so did all three flashes. Every single time.

2. On the bottom of the receiver you'll find a standard female 1/4-20 thread so you can attach it directly onto the top of a light stand or a tripod, another option is to attach the shoe mount that comes with it so you can mount the receiver onto a flash bracket (like this Speedlight soft box) or cold shoe adapter (like a Frio locking cold shoe).

3. You can use these for to fire Speedlight's (or any small flash) as well as for firing standard studio strobes.

4. It has OVER a 500 foot firing range.

5. It comes with a nice variety of cords and accessories so you can start using it right out of the box, you don't need to go buy anything else.

6. And I liked the price, the complete kit is just $99 (which includes free shipping).

Below is out video review, I think I screwed up and said something about a "AA" battery, but in fact this kit uses 3 "AAA" batteries, 1 battery in the transmitter and 2 batteries in the receiver.

Keep in mind these are strictly for triggering your lights, there is no TTL option, so you will manually be adjusting your light levels (which is exactly how I use my fancy shmancy Pocket Wizards). If I was starting all over and looking for flash triggers, this is what I would own.

If the video doesn't come through with your subscription notification you can head directly to our YouTube channel and watch it there.


Miguel Palaviccini said...

After seeing the recent contest, I had to check your review on these! Looks like a steal for $100, especially considering what seems like great construction (and the alternative PW). Would be great for food photography!

Miguel Palaviccini said...

I really, really, really want a set of these!