Welcome back to another "Wedding Wednesday"...

Today we are going to follow a similar theme of a Wedding Wednesday from a few weeks back, that you can shoot the same shot in different ways.

The first set of shots is from the "mother & son" dance.

In the first shot you see the groom and his mom dancing (and in focus) and in the second shot the bride and her dad are the "focus point" of the shot. I think they both work nicely.

The irony of these shots is that we were shooting this reception in a DARK tent that only had two doors in it and it just so happened that the tent was lined up perfectly so that as the sun went down it shined through one of the the open doorways, directly onto the dance floor. And then it just so happened that they did the dance as the sun was going down AND shining through the door. Perfect, perfect (accidental) timing.

At this wedding the ceremony was in a large open space that was made more intimate by surrounding the ceremony area with white sheer material and in the first photo I took a "standard" shot of the ceremony and wondered what it would be like if I held the camera up to the material and shot through it.

Here are the results, and again, I think they both work.

Of course you can always take in in another (slightly) different direction, the image above (shot through the sheers) still has a hint of color in it, you can always convert it to black and white.

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Miguel Palaviccini said...

I like the BW conversion of the image shot through the sheers more than the color one. Really like the clean colors in the third one!