Fantastic Flickr fotos...

Everyday I go over to Flickr to approve images that folks have submitted to our Flickr group and it never fails that I end up spending a good deal of time looking through the images that have been submitted.

It's really hard to pick the ones to post on the blog , because they are all so wonderful (and I feel badly leaving anyone out), but space is limited... here are a handful that I will share today.

Luca Rossi has done a series on shoes, and not only did he submit shoe photos, he also included a photo of the setup which I thought was pretty cool (check out the "shoe" series here, and his blog here).

And a few more beauties:

(click on any image to view larger in a new window)

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half blind said...

Thanks so much for showing my photo, Scott! They're all great!

Chelsea Flowers said...

So awesome! Thanks for sharing.

Miguel Palaviccini said...

Love the shoe series! Taking a look at them all now :)