I love feel good stories...

The kind of stories where a person does something not expecting anything in return (especially recognition), but they do it because it's the right thing to do.

Then they are found out, it catches on, and even more good is done.

There was exactly this kind of story recently in our local (Maine) news and not only did it catch on locally, it caught on nationally and a whole bunch of people got involved.

It took place in the little town of Dixfield, Maine, and it started when Ike Libby of Hometown Energy had several customers who simply didn't have the money to buy the oil they needed to heat their homes.

As anyone who has been to Maine in the winter knows, going without heat here is simply not an option.

So what did Ike do? He delivered oil to them anyway.

Somehow the New York Times got hold of the story, ran it, and since then Ike has received over $200,000 in donations to help pay for the oil for those who can't.

As Ike said, "Kind of makes you love America".

Sure does, Ike, sure does.

Here is the video of his story:

If for any reason you can't view the video, or it did not came through with your subscription, just follow this link view it.


Stephen Henry said...

Goes to show what one good man can do. Glad I came across this post.

David R Martinson said...

That is just plain awesome!

half blind said...

Love it!