Weddng photographer Michelle Turner reviews camera straps...

Wedding photographer (and friend) Michelle Turner took the time to sit down and review (as well as demonstrate) a handful of different camera straps and explains what she likes about each of them and it what situation each works the best.

Some of the straps she reviews are those designed specifically for a woman's body.

Here is a list (with links) of the straps Michelle talks about (and demonstrates so beautifully):

Tamrac Strap

Phat Strap

UPstrap (our review of the UPstrap is here)

Op/Tech Pro Strap


Black Rapid R-Strap (our review of the Black Rapid is here)

* - Woman's Single

* - Double Strap

Here is the video, for those of you receiving this post via email you will need to head back to the blog to watch the video or go directly to our YouTube channel and watch it there.


half blind said...

Terrific review. To the point, concise with just enough information. Great! Thanks Michelle and Scott!

Joanne said...

Thanks Michelle!! I now know which one (two) I want to buy.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Michelle, great review.

I have the dual camera strap and find the carabiner system good with one drawback. The metal carabiner DOES rub on my camera and I hate the "metal on metal" knowing this is going to scratch my camera.

It seems they could have some spider-wire or other non-metallic connector attached to the camera tripod connector which would then connect to the carabiner out of the way of possibly touching the camera.

Thank you for your review.

Michelle Turner said...

Thanks for your kind words!

Joanne, I agree, it's always better to have two. :)

To the person that left the comment re: the rubbing on the camera- I AGREE! It drives me nuts that my camera gets scratched! Of course, mine take such a beating that it's hard for me to keep the scratches straight. :)

We also received another question re: the best way to carry additional lenses if you use the Spider. Oh boy, is that ever a topic for a second video. I could talk for days about camera bags! What I do is carry my additional lenses (not many) and flashes/triggers in a small bag that won't interfere with the Spider. A backpack works well if I'm shooting an outdoor event that doesn't require that I change lenses often, but doesn't work for me if I'm shooting a wedding. At my weddings I am currently using a Lowepro sling. It's out of my way, zips up completely, is rugged, and will STAND UP when I put it down. And that's the key- I make sure that I put it down often (in my sight, of course) because I don't want to destroy my shoulders/back. I hope that helps!! :)

Miguel Palaviccini said...

Thanks for the review! I have the Rapid Strap and love it. It's really convenient to have to carry around your camera and snap a pic very quickly.