Check out this Manfrotto carbon fiber tripod...

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This Manfrotto is a great tripod, it's strong, it's lightweight, it's well made, AND it comes with a ball head.

I know these things because it's a Manfrotto 7322YB M-Y with Carbon Basalt Tripod Legs and a Ball Head, and just so happens to be the same tripod I use and love.

I bring it up not to brag, but because it's on sale for almost half off. The sale runs through this Friday (3/30) and the price is just $129 with free shipping at Adorama.

All you need to do is enter the coupon code "S1299330" during checkout and the price will miraculously drop from $229 to $129.

So you have until Friday to become a proud owner of a great Manfrotto carbon fiber tripod at an outstanding price.

In the past several folks have said they had a difficult time finding out where to enter coupon codes so here's a screen shot. When you "Proceed to Checkout" you will find the spot to enter your coupon code right under "Payment Information".

Hope that helps.

Another sale item you might be interested in is a 16GB Lexar compact flash card. It's the 200x Platinum II High Speed Series, are only $29.95, and they too come with free shipping.

Something else I use (and love), is the Hakuba digital media storage wallet that holds 4 compact flash cards. I LOVE these wallets and you can read my review (and everything I put them through during testing) right here.

Once you've read it you'll understand why I have been using these media wallets for years and have no plans on using anything else.

Sadly they are not on sale, but they are only $8.50 and worth every single penny.


half blind said...

Thanks for the head-up Scott. Please keep 'em coming!

Matt said...

Thanks for the tip. Is there a way to hook a camera bag for added stability? Have you found there are limitations regarding longer lenses? I use a Nikon 18-200, so I am concerned about stability. Thanks!

Scott said...


Mine does not have a hook, but one could be easily added... and I have used the Nikon 80-200 lens on there which is a much heavier lens and I had no stability issues.


Matt said...

Thanks for the info, Scott. I purchased the tripod!

Scott said...

I hope you enjoy it!


adamsorber said...

Hey Scott,

Adorama's website says the item is no longer available. Is that it for the deal? Or will they offer the same discount on a similar product through Friday?

Scott said...

Hi Adam,

Sorry, but that means they sold out.

It was really popular and if it comes around again I will be sure to post it.


adamsorber said...

Thanks for the quick reply Scott!

Helene said...

I grabbed the tripod right away and glad I did. Even though I already have one, this one has a little more versatility. Love the 4-leg-sections, the ball head, and the quick release. The quick release is something I won't live without. Also no problem holding my D7000 w/28-300 Nikkor zoom...excellent! Thanks for the heads-up on this!