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Just in case you you are coming to the part late here are links to the first three articles in the series, part 1 "Naming and Branding Your Images", and part 2 " Web Marketing Workflow Guide to An Individual WordPress Blog Post".

Here is part 3: "The Protocol To Announcing and Releasing on Facebook Timeline"

Congratulations, you've made it to Step 3!

That means you're halfway there to integrating web marketing into your already productive photo workflow. If you're picking this up for the first time, be sure to review Step 1 (link to Step 1) and Step 2 (link to Step 2) before reading on. Today, we're going to chat about releasing your blog posts to Facebook. It's easy to think, hey...I know that...that's easy! You may already be doing this but just in on.

Over time, Facebook has limited the ability to tag personal pages (or your clients in this case) to just images. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that that feature never goes away too. I remember when you could tag clients in your status updates as well but those days are long gone.

Moreover, because links inundate the news feed and photos capture more of your readers eye, the system I'm going to lay out utilizes the most eye capture combined with the most reach.

First, in your brand page status update, choose 'Upload A Photo' and pick one of your branded blog images to be your main preview image. Because of the new Timeline layout, having an image where the subject is in the center of the frame works best but they do allow you to reposition the photo after upload if you want too.

After you've selected your image, create an eye-catching or entertaining update and a text link to the full blog post. For example: "BLOG POST: See where Jack proposed to Jill at GasWorks Park! We revisited their special place for their engagement session. See the location and all the images at:" Here, you can see we've identified what the status update is, "BLOG POST:" or "FEATURED:" or "COOL LINK" or whatever you want to post. Then, we've created some entertaining text to showcase what to expect when they click on the full blog link. That text may also include tagging other business pages if you shot at another venue that has a business page. Remember, extend your reach as much as possible. Lastly, we've given them the link to click.

The only remaining thing to do is to click on the image after you publish the status update and tag your clients.* (*I'm assuming that you've already friended your clients on Facebook!). Once you tag your clients, you can also add the location of 'GasWorks Park' and voila! Now you have a Facebook post that gives you the most reach (your clients and their friends will see it on their profile) as well as the most eye candy (your image, or images if you create an album).

From there, feel free to 'highlight' the post (thus creating a double column highlight and turning your image to a pano - see Example 1) or 'pin' the post, which puts the post at the top of your feed for 7 days in the traditional single column layout. Play around with both to pick which is best.

Because the goal is to drive traffic to your website and blog, it's my recommendation that Facebook is always used as a teaser instead of redundantly posting the same images on your blog as you do Facebook. Grab them with a Facebook teaser and direct them to your blog...then at the end of your blog, direct them to your website to book a session. It's a beautiful, well-crafted tap on the back to drive them through the door.

Now that you've mastered the new Facebook Timeline announcement of your blog, it's time to move on to Step 4: Adopt and Promote Pinterest Pinning. Stay tuned for the next post which covers the highly debated use of Pinterest for photographers.

Example 1

That wraps up Part 3, see you next week for part 4 "Adopt and Promote Pinterest Pinning".

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Wendy Roe has spent the last 10 years ingrained in all things web marketing – from design/development to search/social media. In May 2010, she decided to quit the corporate life and join forces with her husband, Byron Roe, to shoot full-time one of life’s ultimate highs – weddings! She now focuses on business development and her role as a second shooter for wedding photographers, Byron Roe Photography, based in Bend, Oregon.

She is the co-author of "55 Smart Web Ideas for Photographers” e-book, a 2-time speaker at WPPI Photographer’s Ignite, and has traveled through west coast speaking and consulting with photographers on web marketing. She’s known as an "interpreter", changing technical language into easy to understand information. Above all, she’s an educator at heart and believes: “Web marketing and wedding photography are two passions that drive bringing the best out of beauty and brands.

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