St. Patrick's Day memories...

I have shared this before but given that today is Saint Patrick's day I wanted to share it again.

Not sure why, but my three girls would get such a hoot about Saint Patrick's Day.

Maybe it was because we played it up for them, when the girls got up in the morning they would witness the results of what those mischievous leprechauns had done to our house during the night, like pictures hung upside down, grapes on the island with little bites taken out of them, rope ladders left in place that had allowed them to get to the higher shelves of food, cupboard doors left open, and once they even turned our milk green.

As the girls got older they really wanted to catch a leprechaun, so we would set traps using food and shiny fake gold coins (each year the traps would be more elaborate than the year before).

One year they had the brilliant idea of putting double sided tape on the floor in front of the trap hoping to stick one of them in place. That was the year I had to get very small socks and shoes to leave stuck to the tape, the girls were so excited thinking that they had come "that close" to capturing a leprechaun.

The first photo is a trap from the "early years", and the second photo is of a later, more "sophisticated" leprechaun trap. Notice the "come in free food" sign.

(click on either "trap" to view larger and in a new window)

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