If you love photography you must read this...

"The Print and the Process: Taking Compelling Photographs from Vision to Expression" by David duChemin, it is packed with some of the most beautiful images you will ever want to see.

I am a huge fan of David's and have his website and his Flickr page bookmarked, visiting them both often just to see his latest work.

So to say the least I was excited when his new book arrived on my doorstep a couple of days ago, and I didn't waste any time digging right into it.

It takes place (photographically) in Venice, Iceland, Kenya, and Antarctica.

Each location has three chapters/sections, "The Prints", "The Process", and ends with "Print by Print".

"The Prints" consists of about 30 pages (or more) of incredible images, one after another (not a word to be found), you will most likely thumb through them more than once before heading to the next chapter.

"The Process" is where David talks about the thoughts and motivation on how each project came to be, he shares with the reader every single piece of gear used for that project, along with post processing information. A very cool feature is that you can download (for free) the exact same Lightroom Presets he used on the images you just looked it.

"Print by Print" walks through ever single image with a thumbnail, the camera settings, and all of the details on the how and why the photograph was taken, like why the shot was framed the way it was, why he used a certain filter, why it was shot at that time of the day, and just about every other "why" that you can think of.

"The Print and the Process" is beautiful to thumb through, simply stunning, most coffee table books couldn't come close to holding a candle to it, but if you own a camera this book is also inspirational, because as you go through the pages and learn the details of how they were taken you can't help but think that "one day I'll take a photograph like that".

I haven't enjoyed reading a photography book this much in quite some time.

You can (and should) read more about this book at David's site.

Click on either of the above mages to view larger, it will be worth it.

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