Strobist, the very best of 2012...

I have made it plenty clear (on multiple occasions) that if I could visit just one photography site, could have just one photography crush it would be David Hobby (aka Strobist).

Three times I have had the pleasure of reviewing his instructional DVD's (Strobist Lighting Seminar, Lighting in Layers, and the Flash Bus Tour), each one jam packed with great information and phenomenally affordable (you can get the entire library for under $300).

But the purpose of this post was not to gush (yet again) about Mr. Hobby, but to let you know that at Strobist they have posted the "Best of 2012".

It includes David's 10 favorite posts of the year along with the 10 most popular posts of 2012 as decided by the readers.

And of all the photographs he took this year, here is a slideshow of his favorite images shot in 2012:

So be sure to check out "The Best of Strobist 2012".

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