Something totally new at Weekly Photo Tips!...

Today's big announcement, we are adding another voice to Weekly Photo Tips, a new monthly column written by Scott Reed.

Instead of listening to me ramble on, here are a few words directly from Scott about what his monthly post will cover:

"You’ve seen the TV commercials, billboard and magazine ads advertising “Hydrid,” the buzz word for today’s automobiles. Well this buzz word has integrated into our industry. Five years ago, a DSLR was a camera, producing digital images from visions of the creator’s eye. Camera makers now use the term HDSLR an acronym for, “High-Definition Single Lens Reflex.” I will go on the record to modify the acronym and redefine it as, “Hybrid Digital Single Lens Reflex.”

Almost every amateur, semi-pro, and professional cameras are capable of capturing and producing, in some cases, cinema quality video. Now I’m not telling you anything you don't already know, but I want you to take heed of the importance of adding this skill set to your capabilities list. Clients are becoming more accustomed to a multi-media company versus a stand-alone photographer or videographer. Utilizing the same camera for still and video, allows a larger selection of media options for the client. Look at it this way, light the scene for video and capture the occasional still image; POW….. you’re a multi-media producer.

This addition to Weekly Photo Tips, will be a once monthly post discussing lesson’s learned from using a traditional still camera to produce video; gear testing reviews; camera settings; and helpful hints for those transitioning into this expanding form of media. I welcome input from readers with questions and suggestions for future postings.

Other topics to be covered:

- Variable ND filters – Why they are important, usage and suggested brands
- Digital Image Viewfinder – Pros and Cons, product reviews
- Shoulder Rigs – The best choice for the best price
- Tripods and Heads
- Audio Components – How best to capture audio in various scenarios
- Capture Formats – What to do with the media
- Suggestions

Scott Reed a commercial media specialist based in San Antonio, TX. With a vision on the future, he began to research the implementation of video services to his clients. After talking to past clients, he realized in niche where his company can provide both services to a client in the same setting, allowing him to standout from his competition. Scott retired from the Air Force after a 22-year distinguished career as a Combat Aerial Photojournalist. His commercial work can be seen at NRG Pictures and western lifestyle at Rodeo Realms.

Welcome to Weekly Photo Tips Scott.


corina said...

LOL Did your name have to be "Scott" in order to be considered? ;)

Scott said...

Too funny Corina, I was thinking the exact same thing myself!

Thanks for coming by, and Merry Christmas.

Melissa R. Skalski said...

Excellent article you have shared here . So i appreciate your post .