Simple dodge & burn Photoshop tutorial...

For this Photoshop tutorial we used one of our readers images that was uploaded to our Flickr group to demonstrate how a simple dodging and burning can better control where the eye of the viewer go.

A HUGE thank you goes out to Anika Alonzo for allowing me to use her image, and for trusting that I would do so in a respectful way.

Here is the image before the dodge & burn:

Here is after:

And here is the video:

If you received this post via your email subscription you will need to head back to the blog or directly over to YouTube to view the video (sorry, they still have not figured out a way to attach videos).


photography by anika alonzo said...

Thank you for using my photo :)

Wayne (Woody), whatever said...

Thank you for sharing this. I've read book on this, but your video shows step-by-step and it's very straightforward. After watching this, I spent some time practicing and it works really well.

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thank you :)

Catherine B. Bridges said...

So much thanks for shared this post on public .

Robert Smith said...

This tutorial is really awesome. It helped me a lot. Thanks
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