Great deal on a Westcott 28" softbox!...

This sale for the Westcott 28" Apollo Speedlight softbox, an outstanding light modifier at an incredible price ($95 and free shipping)!

The reasons I have two of these softboxes are:

1. They are made to be used with Speedlights (or for you Canon shooters - Speedlites)

2. They are made on umbrella frames so they open and close quick and easy

3. It's 28 inches so it gives a big light

4. You can rotate the flash inside the softbox

5. The front panel is recessed for greater (feathering) control of the light

And it comes with a flash shoe mount umbrella bracket.

Here's the link where you can get more details and order (of you are so inclined).

For a good demonstration of the kind of light it throws (and the images you can get) check out this post at Neil van Niekerk's blog.

Neil is actually reviewing RadioPoppers in the post but is using the Westcott 28" Apollo Speedlight softbox as is light source.


Miguel Palaviccini said...

These are pretty cool. Do you know if using the Nikon CLS system would work with these? I only ask because it looks like the entire flash is enclosed.

Scott said...

I couldn't say as I have been using Pocket Wizards for some time now.

LOVE my Pocket Wizards.

Next time I am in the studio I will give it a try.


Anonymous said...

Speedlights, speedlites, both pretty stupid names for flashes. Why make up a name that's longer than one already in common usage?

Larry Leone said...

these are great! I use the 50" on location all the time too. with speedlites and with studio heads. the portability is un matched :-)

gianmarco said...

I assure you I'm a Canon user, I'm Italian but I still can spell! :D
The fact that they open so "easily" or "easy", for you Nikon users, is really cool!