Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Just 5 Days left in our "Sessions with JoeyL" contest...

If you would like a chance to win "Sessions with JoeyL" here's all you need to do:

1. Join the Weekly Photo Tips Flickr Group (details on how to join can be found here).

2. Upload one (or more) portraits of a person, animal, or car to our Flickr Group.

3. Leave one (or more) comments on any blog post on Weekly Photo Tips.

The contest ends on midnight November 15th, the winner will be randomly drawn from all contest entries and announced on November 16th.

The winner will receive an email with a link from Joey Lawrence to download "Sessions".

The rules are pretty simple, you can enter as many times as you like (one comment + one image upload = one contest entry), ownership of all images remain with you.

The only thing we will use them (the images) for is to show occasional "samples" of what folks are uploading and to announce the contest winner.

Speaking of samples, here are a handful of images from one of our Flickr members "Half Blind", one of our more prolific contest participants.

In his profile he says "I use a 9 year old 2 megapixel camera", proving yet again it's not the gear that will give you a good image, it the person holding it.

Click on any of the images to view larger and in a new window.


Miguel Palaviccini said...

Great images from half-blind! Is the first one an HDR BW? It looks great!

Nir Pengas said...

just added my photo to the flickr group. i live in NYC and it would be awesome to meet with joeyL. Cheers!!

Steve Wetzel said...

Very nice shots, creative to. Thank you for posting.

Ashley Hataway said...

Uploaded more photos today. Kind of embarassed at mine when I see all of the WONDERFUL images that have been uploaded. Good luck to everyone!

Matthew Bordignon said...

Awesome pics from the 2 megapixel camera!

half blind said...

Uh oh. Reading this post made me realize I hadn't changed my flickr profile since 2006 when I was using my 2MB camera. Only a couple of months ago did I purchase a new camera-a Panasonic Lumix GF1 with the prime 20mm f/1.7 kit lens.

I didn't think anyone looked at profiles, or at least my profile. Because I'm not a photographer. I really didn't start learning about cameras, or more specifically my new camera, until my recent purchase. And I can say with all confidence I still don't know what I'm doing. I've since updated my flickr profile to reflect my current status.

But many thanks for showing some of the pics here in this post. I'm very sorry to let people down thinking the pics are from my old 2MP camera, but now you know the sordid truth. And really, I could probably dig up some 2MP camera pics that would compare to these experimental GF1 ones I'm submitting for the contest. I mostly took snaps of my stuff to put on ebay.

I'm glad I was able to comment here and set the record straight. Very sorry again for the misunderstanding. There's a lot of great pics on your flickr group and it's so interesting to look at the submitters' photostreams. And also, I have to leave a bunch more comments to equal the pics I posted, Scott. Thanks for this opportunity!

View Bug said...

Nice shots. Why don't you upload your pics on It's a very secure website where no one can download your pics without your permission.

Barrie said...

Impressive images from half blind.

Jen M said...

Just got back from vacation (I know poor pitiful me), but luckily I used my family for some portrait practice guinea pigs, will have to upload the pictures once I get home so I can try and win. This sounds like a great prize!

Jen M said...

Posted my photos, best of luck to everyone!