Bits and pieces... odds and ends...


There is a new survey question for you (on the upper right of the blog page) asking "what is your primary shooting mode", so please take just a moment to plug in your answer.

And from the last survey, the review of the latest David Hobby/Strobist DVD set "Lighting in Layers" will be posted next week and I promise you, you do not want to miss it.


The response from our latest contest has been pretty impressive, be sure to head over the our Flickr page and check out some of the submissions.

And lastly:

Crazy, crazy week, a rare Wednesday wedding yesterday, a Friday wedding (tomorrow), and a Saturday wedding to cap off the week! So if it seems you have heard less from me this week than usual, you have and weddingpalooza is why.


ottawa artist said...

Why I can't access your Flickr page? Please let me know thanks!

Rob said...

Scott Kelley's video on long exposure was very helpful.

Thank you Scott.