Free and waaaaaay better than good...

There are a bazillion choices when it comes to image editing software and many are free and surprisingly some of those free options do a better job than some of those programs that you shell out your hard earned money for.

One of those that is free and outstanding is Photoscape.

It does just about anything you can imagine when it comes to image editing, you can create an animated GIF, do batch processing, and so much more. Their fake tilt shift feature is pretty cool.

Photoscape is powerful and full featured editing option that you can download for free right here.

Below is a two minute video that demonstrates just how powerful the clone stamp is, watch the part where they use the tool to change the title of a book in a library.

They have put together a large number of tutorial videos that you can watch, simply follow this link.


Paula said...

I'm sitting in my hotel room in Seattle, looking at all the pictures I've taken over the past few days . . . on my little bare-bones travel laptop . . . wishing I brought my so I can play with my pics. And there's your blog post leading me to this free download. PERFECT timing. Thanks Scott :-)

corina said...

Free is good...especially if it works well. I've got to try this out soon - thanks!

half blind said...

Looks great, except that it's not written for the Mac! But thanks anyway, Scott-

KiHo said...

I have downloaded this to my work computer, and have played with a lot of the functions.

It now has a place in my arsenal of photo editing programs. Much simpler for those quick edits and features like mozaics that seem to take more time in PS.

Now if they only make a version for my MAC.