Maine Photographers Coalition Sept. 7 meeting...

The upcoming Maine Photographers Coalition Meeting is right around the corner, on Wednesday September 7th to be exact.

Not only is it a great opportunity to meet, mingle, and network with other photographers but this meeting will also have two incredible back-to-back programs!

Justin and Mary Marantz AND Khara Plicanic of Kabloom Studios.

Khara Plicanic: Setting Up a Wickedly Fast Workflow

Would you like to edit your weddings (or other events) faster than ever before while totally thrilling and wowing your clients?

Khara will show you how to use a potent combination of efficiency and effectiveness to speed up your workflow, all while keeping your client’s very best interest at heart.

Though Khara created this class with wedding photographers in mind, it is easily adapted to portraits photographers too.

Whether you’re a "new" professional photographer or have years of experience, do yourself a favor and get in on this special learning opportunity. Your family and your clients will thank you!

This is not a software workshop! Great workflow is about so much more than software! In fact, a wickedly fast workflow starts well before you pick up your camera. Feel free to adapt this plan to whatever software you prefer to use.

Justin and Mary Marantz: Creating Loyalty Beyond Reason

This past year Justin & Mary have completed their second national speaking tour teaching their “Loyalty Beyond Reason” approach to photographers. Now they’re back with even more great ideas on how to amp up the wow-factor in everything you do, from the very first meeting with your client to the final images you deliver to them.

Their inspirational talk is packed full of ideas for making your clients and vendors love you and rave about you to everyone they know. And this particular brand of loyalty translates into the kind of “super-referrals” that take much of the work out of future bookings. It’s time to shift the dynamic and actually pick and choose the clients that you want to work with and who are hoping to work with you.

This is a double header event and as such the start time will be 6pm and the attendance fee is only $18. Doors open 30 minutes prior to the event starting (5:30) at the studios of Stacey Kane at 134 Black Point Road in Scarborough, Maine.

You can read more details about the meeting here or head directly over to the the sign up sheet and reserve your seat here.

Looking forward to seeing you there.

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Michelle Turner said...

So excited for this one- it should be a fabulous program!!