Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Reader images from our Scott Kelby tutorial...

A couple weeks back we had the pleasure of posting the long exposure tutorial video Scott Kelby filmed for us and today we are sharing a couple samples sent to us from our readers.

The first is from Jonathan Brown and the image he shot (and shared) is from the Lantern Festival in Nara Japan.

The second shot is closer to home (for me at least) and is from Mark Hensley. Mark shot this at Fort Popham here in Phippsburg, Maine.

Clicking on either image will open it larger and in a new window for better viewing.

Be sure to checkout Scotts long exposure tutorial and if you give it a try we would love to see the results, you can post them to our Flickr group or email them directly to us. If you do email an image (please) try to keep in the 200k range.


LM said...

Stunning photos. Great tutorial.

Scott said...

It was extremely generous of Scott to use part of his vacation to do this for us.

And thanks to folks who are kind enough to share their work.

Maryann [Maryann's*****Fotos] said...

Great shots! Thanks for the link to tutorial!

Lee said...

Nice work both of you