I dun got me a Twitter thing...

Yup, I have moved into the 21st century and added Weekly Photo Tips to Twitter.

What pushed me over the top was the V Gallery 12 Days of Christmas Extravaganza, as I wanted to share with folks each item as they rolled out over the 12 days, letting them know why they should signup.

Speaking of the Extravaganza, you have until noon today to sign up for just $19 (with $5 being donated to charity), at noon it jumps to $39.

Today is day one and the product is the "Winter Card Set"" which normally sells for $55.

Here are all the details and signup information.

We will be giving away free 12 day package to one of our readers later today and you still have time to enter, just comment on any 0f our blog posts and upload an image to our Flickr group and your name will be thrown into the "prize" hat.

Also, if you want to get bonus content that won't be on our blog, head over to our Twitter page and signup.


Miguel Palaviccini said...

It's about time you got a twitter account! haha :) just saw this, so won't be able to get the Extravaganza at the discounted price.

Mandy said...

It comes to us all!

I just did the dastardly deed and joined Facebook!

Paula said...

Hmmmm, good to know that after all of our social media talks it was V Gallery that pushed you to do it. Nobody ever listens to me. I'm used to it!

Scott said...


Take comfort in know you brought me to the very edge of the cliff and V Gallery nudged me over.

You did all the heavy lifting.