A phenomenal deal AND another giveaway!...

The good folks over at VGallery are having a 12 days of Christmas special that starts on Monday December 12th.

Before I tell you what you get, let me tell you what it costs... $19!

And from that $5 will be donated to the The Aasha Fund which is tasked with helping the neediest of children and families around the world.

So back to the 12 days, starting this coming Monday (and for 12 consecutive days) you will get a a download one of the products from V Gallery.

On Monday the price goes up to $39 and you can sign up after that, but regardless of what point you sign up you'll get all 12 downloads.

But wait, there's more!

Every day during the 12 day extravaganza there will be a drawing from all those registered for incredible giveaways, that have a combined value of over $5,000.

Follow this link for all the details on the 12 day giveaway.

I've signed up and will be letting you know each day what I got to download.

But wait, there's still more...

V Gallery will be giving a free 12 day package to one of our readers, I will pick a person who entered our UPstrap contest and announce the 12 day extravaganza winner on Monday morning (12/12).

Just a bit about V Gallery, they may sound familiar to you as we reviewed their products in the past (like here and here), shared their free textures here, learned a great technique for photographing people with glasses from Jed, and V Gallery even had our very first product of the year.

Vicki and Jed are great people with products to match. You just can't go wrong doing business with them, I promise.

(click on the above image to view larger in a new window, will be much easier to read)

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half blind said...

Looks like an amazing deal, Scott. Thanks for posting this!