Another "Wedding Wednesday" guest blogger....

For the second Wednesday in a row I have the pleasure of having a friend (and outstanding wedding photographer) post on Wedding Wednesday.

This week it is Michelle Turner.

It seems (to me at least) that Michelle spends as much time in the air as on the ground as she is frequently shooting in some pretty cool places, like Mexico, Ireland, Spain, France, heck, I heard she even shot a wedding in Maine once.


So take it away Michelle:

Wedding photography is about a series of wonderful moments, and it is the responsibility of the photographer to capture them in a creative and thorough fashion.

However, weddings are events that take time to create, and whether these events take place on a beach or in a church, it is also the responsibility of the photographer to capture the essence of the event in a series of images.

For me, when I look at a group of wedding photographs I want to feel what it was like to be at the event. The little details are so often forgotten in the course of the day; as the photographer covers the events and the emotion, occasionally the details that took months to create and sometimes even years to plan can be ignored.

And while it is absolutely essential to capture the emotion and moments, I don't think you can get an accurate feel for the day unless you capture the details as well.

Each of these detail shots from weddings I photographed over the past year helps to tell the story of the event, and it shows the style of the couple.

From the vintage weddings to the ultramodern weddings, from the very expensive to the DIY details, each is an important part of the day and is an essential element of the creation of the "feeling" of the wedding day. I remind my couples that the buildup to the wedding style started long before their wedding day coverage did, and that they should bring their invitations and their "save the dates" cards as they are important details that set the stage for the day itself.

We are the visual historians responsible for that couple's day, so don't forget those important details!

(click on any image to view larger and in a new window)

When Michelle sent the post to me it was the very first time I had heard a photographer being referred to as a "visual historians", but that is exactly what we are.

I am sure you would love to see more of here work, you can find it at her website and her blog.

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Miguel Palaviccini said...

Just bookmarked Michelle's page. I really like the shots where she cuts off the feet and head. Something that I would never actually think of doing. She's an amazing photographer