A readers book review...

A few weeks ago we picked readers to do reviews of few of the many books we get sent to us. Well, the first person up to bat is Maureen Hamilton-Graessley and she is reviewing "Wildlife Photography From Snapshots to Great Shots", by Laurie Excell.

Take it away Maureen...

As a photographer of immobile subjects and an outdoor enthusiast, I had oddly never considered combining the two in the form of wildlife photography. I had always assumed wildlife photography was beyond my talent and finances. "Wildlife Photography From Snapshots to Great Shots", by Laurie Excell, is remarkably inspirational in an approachable and accessible manner!

This enjoyable book is full of wisdom for beginning through expert photographers. I had many ‘ah-ha’ moments while reading the book. For example, the equipment selection chapter presents pluses and minuses over a range of options to suit different reader goals. I would have overlooked some considerations, like lens minimum focus distance, resulting in a costly lesson.

Other new insights for me were how filters affect creative processes like panning, light direction for wildlife, how to approach different animals, and others too numerous to list. As with most good photography books, I do recommend beginning level photographers read through the book, and then read it again in order to cement concepts discussed early in the book. The author’s graciously shared insights will save the reader time and capital.

For the more experienced photographer, familiar topics are discussed in light of (get it?) the author’s experience in wildlife photography. Whether raw vs. jpg, focus configuration, or color space; even the most experienced reader can be inspired to try something new or adjust their work process to suit the goal at hand.

The author’s style is approachable and the writing concise. The Tips and Notes are sage and well handled editorially. There is good use of photos and tables to convey information; important considering the audience! The Chapter Assignments add a coursework component, with highly logical and applicable exercises to improve any level of photographer’s journey.

The author discusses opportunities for the reader to approach wildlife photography in every day life. Wouldn’t most photographs look better with a well-captured live subject? "Wildlife Photography From Snapshots to Great Shots" provides wisdom and insight that is easy to digest, inspiring the reader to approach wildlife photography in an educated and thoughtful manner.

Maureen Hamilton-Graessley started her photography business in 2009 and focused on real estate photography. Since relocating to a new state, she is adjusting her business to meet the local business climate. Ever-changing, she is enjoying the exploration of different photography genres and the new area's beautiful photographic opportunities.

Thank you Maureen for taking the time to do this review, and folks, please take the time to visit her site.


half blind said...

Great review. Precise and with a lot of useful information. Thank you very much, Maureen!

Miguel Palaviccini said...

Very accurate review :) I got this book when it was free for a weekend and absolutely love it!