One last Wedding Wednesday...

Wedding Wednesday is not leaving forever... just for now.

I want to close it out with some of my personal favorite images, the first one in the list goes back to the very first wedding I ever shot.

And I was going to explain why I selected the images I did but decided against it, to let each image stand on its own (visual) merit.

The two things I will say is the images of the boats is one of my favorites of all time and was shot while photographing a wedding here in Maine, which is why it was included.

The other thing I want to say about shooting a wedding is be prepared, there will be the gentle moments of a drop of water in the middle craziness that will capture your attention, there will be fun of the wedding party acting foolish, there will be the quiet times of just the bride and groom, you will share the special time between two brothers that will never be again, there will be the unexpected laughter, and you never know, one day, while you are driving with the groom to the church you might.... you just might.... see Elvis!

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Miguel Palaviccini said...

Great mix of story-telling, close-ups, detail shots, and emotional captures. Can't decide if the 5th or 8th one is my favorite from the group.