Photography from one of our readers...

Here is the work of another of our readers and most active Flickr contributors, you will find him on Flickr under the name "Zero CEM".

You can see more of his work on our Flickr stream, his stream, or his blog.

You might want to head over to his blog as he is pretty excited about being published recently for the first time and would likely be even more stoked if you went over and checked it out.

So I guess this makes for his second time being published in a very short period of time.

We will be showing more work from you our readers next week, so be sure to check it out.

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ZERO said...

Wow, thanks a lot Scott! You've left me at a loss of words... I truly never expected that from all the great pictures that go into the group mine caught your eye =)

You do so much for us already with the tips and reviews in your blog, I'm really thankful for finding your blog.

half blind said...

Beautiful pictures! Congratulations Zero!

Liz said...

Beautiful Pics, love your work.