More top rankings for the Nikon D800...

All too often we hear the hype about product is "the best ever" and then when it finally hits the hands of consumers we learn otherwise.

This does not seem to be true for the new Nikon D800, not only is it living up to the hype, in real life testing it is surpassing expectations.

In this case it beat a $50,000 medium format camera, the Phase One IQ180.

You can read all the details over at FStoppers and DxOMark.

And while we are on the subject of the D800, we are still looking for your questions.

We got a great response since we first asked for questions and won't be publishing our review for a few more weeks, so if you have a question or are curious about something the D800 can or cannot do please email it ti us and we will include it as part of our "Readers Review" of the D800.

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Miguel Palaviccini said...

I can't believe some of the images that I've seen online that come out of that camera. Just unbelievable! How do you like it?