A fantastic and free photography resource...

It's said that knowledge is power, if that's true then the magazine Behind the Shutter will make you feel pretty darn powerful.

It's a free, online monthly publication geared towards professional photographers, but fret not, if your only interested is in taking a better picture, Behind the Shutter is a good resource for you as well.

Here is a screen shot of this months index (click to view larger).

Every issue brings you stunning imagery, great tips, and insight on posing and lighting, and lots about how you can run a more profitable photography business as well.

Here are a few articles from this months issue you will find interesting:

So head over to Behind the Shutter and signup today and let the learning begin!


Kirsten- The Foreign Domestic said...

Thanks for sharing this! I'll be sharing your post with my FB fans!

Scott said...

Thank you Kristen, that's very kind of you!

Irene L. Medlock said...

Really very fantastic photography . Thanks for shared .