Next assignment, Portland Maine...

This is a second in a series of self assignments to "shoot local", today it's Portland Maine.

Portland really is a pretty cool city, it has a small, warm, welcoming feeling while at the same time it has great diversity, restaurants, and entertainment.

I hope if you are ever visiting New England you make Portland Maine one of your stops.

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There are lots and lots of shops.

Cobble stone streets.

You'll find more mural covered walls than any other city.

Lobsters, yup, more lobster shops than you can shake a stick at.

And of course there are the boats, small ones and big ones.

I think it's about the only city I know that can successfully combine pirates and ice cream.

So, I'm not sure if they don't want you to dump anything, or just those pesky lobsters.  :)

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Hui Ying Hsieh said...

Looks wonderful . So great thanks for shared .