The list of things to do "Before I die"...

I thought this subject dovetailed nicely with yesterdays post, it's a world wide project called "Before I Die", which invites everyone to stand before "the wall" and think... think about their lives, think about their hopes, think about their dreams... and then write at least one of them down for the entire world to see.

Before I Die was the brainchild of artist Candy Chang who created the first one on an abandoned house in her New Orleans neighborhood after losing someone she loved.

As there is a "wall of hopes and dreams" here in Portland (Maine) I decided to head over yesterday and grab a few photographs.

It was really pretty cool to see and hear peoples reaction, so even after I was done "clicking away" I just sat on the bench and did some people watching.

And speaking of clicking, you can click on any one of these images to view larger.

Didn't we just talk about this yesterday, living without regrets?

Building a treehouse really would be pretty darn cool!

And so would hugging Taylor Swift!

You know what they say, if you write it down it becomes more real, less of a dream and more of an attainable goal. With that in mind I encourage you (please, please, please) to head over to the Before I Die website and see if there is an installation close to you, and if there is, sure grab a photograph or two but more importantly, write down one thing that you are going to do before you die.

If you live here in Southern Maine you can head over to Flatbread Company in Portland to write down your dream (and have some really good food too).


lisaweldon said...

It appears this is not a new idea. These artists created this idea years ago - with the same name.

Joanne Minor said...

Scott so glad you posted this! I'm sharing it with all my friends today...not only is this info so timely for us all, but, I love sharing that we have this wall in our very own Portland ME!

computer repair said...

Kind of cool... like a visual bucket list.

Linda Montemarano said...

What a great post!
Today I started my own "Before I Die" list.

Yu Hao said...

These captured are better .