Free templates, free actions, free presets, & free money...

Okay, there is no free money, it was just a shameless ploy on my part to get you to continue reading.


But seriously, here are resources that will provide you some very cool, very useful free tools that will help you do the things you do even better.

We have five resources for you today, each with multiple resources and tools, so it may take you a while to work your way through all of them, and as you do know that they all have the Weekly Photo Tips "wicked good" stamp of approval.

1. The CoffeeShop Blog. You'll find actions, presets, templates, textures and a whole lot more.

2. Pioneer Woman. Get yourself a copy of  "The Pioneer Woman Actions".

3. Heather Green. Heather is giving away a Google plus template, a Flickr cover template, a re-size and sharpen for Facebook Photoshop action, along with Nik Silver Efex preset.

4. MCP Actions. Not only will you find free actions and free presets, you'll also have access to some pretty cool tutorials.

5. Amy McMaster. Like the previous four resources you'll find some good stuff here as well, like Sharpen This!, Facebook & Blog resize and sharpen actions, and Basic Clean Edit (and more).

You will surely like what you find on these sites, so crank up the bandwidth, you've got some downloading to do!

I usually don't "forecast" upcoming blog posts, but... as most of you know if we post on weekends it's usually (way) off the topic of photography and I have two posts planned for this weekend that I think you'll enjoy, at the very least it will cause you to pause... and think (I hope).

See you tomorrow.


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Robert Smith said...

Nice Templates. I like these all.