Even David Ziser is shooting RAW...

Those who know David understand the significance of that statement, for those who don't, let me explain.

David has been a photographer for quite some time and his approach to how he shoots and how he runs his business is purposeful, pragmatic and without wasted time or steps.

He believes in getting his client the best product possible in the fewest steps. David can tell you how much time (on average) is spent on every image that passes through his studio.

There is a (good) reason for everything he does in his workflow, he doesn't make changes willy nilly, change is always purpose driven, which is one reason why so many people flock to his classes and seminars.

Part of that workflow has been shooting jpeg, small file size, thus lending itself to efficient processing.

David has been "dabbling" with shooting RAW lately and sharing his experience with his readers, and finally this last weekend he shot his first wedding in RAW.

Which fits perfectly with his philosophy of making change when it means giving his clients their monies worth.

Here are three blog entries about his RAW experiences:

Superior RAW white balance

RAW and Lightroom

David's first RAW wedding part I & part II

If you haven't tried shooting RAW you should, you'll be amazed at your post processing options.

I hope you all have a great weekend!

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