Shooting with Stacey Kane...

The wedding season has finally started and I had the pleasure of second shooting for Stacey Kane yesterday.

Ever have something happen to you that at the time seemed like no big deal, and it's not until later that you realize the significance of that event in your life?

When I first met Stacey little did I know the level of friendship that would develop or the force that she would become in my development as a photographer.

For those of you not familiar with Stacey Kane (or listened to me gush about her before) she is an award winning photographer who shoots weddings worldwide, and children's portraiture that truly "captures the moment".

Check out her website and her blog if you want to see some great photography.

I remembered the first time I shot with her, I was excited thinking I was going to learn the "secrets" of her images, WRONG! It was like thinking that watching Tom Brady throw a football would make me a super bowl caliber quarterback. DUH!

What I learned that first day was that it wasn't how Stacey used her camera, it's what she saw when she looked through her camera. I learned that I had to find "my eye", and that was huge.

Since that first lesson Stacey has continued to be a mentor - generous with her time, her equipment, and her expertise.

I want to thank her publicly for being such a great teacher and resource, but mostly for being an even a better friend.

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Julie M said...

Her website makes me drool! ;)

Thanks for sharing - very inspirational...

Michael Palmer said...

Your not a bad guy to know either - You showed me her work at your studio, thanks for the links back.