Some quick hits, then I'm outa here...

Here are some recent posts from other blogs that you really should read:

1. Digital Photography School has a couple you good posts (actually more, but I am limiting it to two), "Best Camera Accessories for Beginners" and "Food Photography Tips & Techniques".

2. Camera Porn has "60 Photography Links You Can't Live Without", though I think they should add Weekly Pho Tips and make it 61.

3. Studio Lighting has recently added "Photography Video Tutorials".

4. PixSylated will show you how to "Pimp Your McNally". I only recently stumbled onto this site and have added it to my bookmarks, you should too.

5. Speaking of Joe McNally, bottom line, reading Joe will make you a better photographer, and isn't that what its all about?

Now for the "I'm outa here" part:

I am heading to Boston today (Thursday) and will be there until Sunday learning from the great Lou Jones, then spending Monday getting ready for the Lighting Essentials workshop we are hosting next Tuesday and Wednesday, so if blog entries are few and far between it's not because I don't love you, it's just that I am a little busy.

See ya when I get back.

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