Hey everybody!...

I'm finally back - between my two seminars last week (that took up 5 days), out of state visitors, and my daughters softball playoffs, things were just a bit hectic!

Starting this Thursday (maybe sooner) I'll be back posting photography stuff. But in the mean time let me share a story about one of my Twins.

Emma is my only daughter playing softball this season and is not having her best year, things (at times) have been a struggle for her, but bless her heart she is at every practice and every game giving it her all. Here is a story from one of her last games.

There Emma sat in left field when up to the plate comes one of the other teams power hitters and I know she is praying that the ball goes anywhere but to her.

Doesn’t this girl hit the farthest highest fly ball to left field I have seen this year (or maybe it just seemed that way to me).

I am watching Emma as she runs to get under the ball and I hear her say (as did everyone else in the stands) “OH NO”…

You would have thought by my reaction that she had caught the last out in the seventh game of the world series. After the game she came over to me and said sheepishly "I didn't mean to say that out loud".

Her team made it to the championship game, and we go to the banquet to pick up her trophy tonight.

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M Palmer said...

= ) THANK YOU So much Scott for everything while we were in Maine. Its as if I had known you for years. Meeting Cathy and the girls was AWESOME. THANKS - The Crabs are on me in Nov.