Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Motion Photography...

You have heard me talk about Digital Photography School before, and they should be listed very high in your "places I need to visit often" list.

I wanted to share with you two articles they have on motion photography:

How to Capture Motion Blur in Photography

15 Stunning Images Using Blur to Portray Movement

These should get your creative juices flowing.

Ramona at Full Speed by by WisDoc


Timothy Gray said...

Thanks for bringing these two excellent articles to light. The second one, 15 Stunning Images Using Blur to Portray Movement, should be on everybody's read list - it discusses many of the same ideas the futurism art movement addressed.

Heather said...

very informative. Out of the 15 shots I think you picked out my favorite to feature. This dog photo is out of this world!

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Jason Anderson said...

I have to agree on both counts- but then again, I own a lab myself, so I could be biased on the latter...