HyperDrive COLORSPACE revisited...

Back in February I told you about my HyperDrive COLORSPACE (I kinda gushed about it) and one of the things I mentioned was its ability to recover images from a damaged or corrupt memory card. The problem was I didn't have a bad card to prove the point.

Until recently. Not only did I get a bad card, but a wonderful story to go with it.

In Kennebunk Maine there is a great school, the Heartwood College of Art. Once a year the schools president, Berri Kramer, goes to Africa on a photographic mission for Mbali.org.

Here is their Mission statement:

Mbali.org is a nonprofit organization dedicated to raising awareness, and understanding for child headed households in Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa, and elsewhere. Profits from the sale of Mbali’s Bracelets are donated to Community Outreach Centers there. These centers help with the education and well being of orphaned children.

Well, on her last trip (and for the first time) Berri did not shoot film, she "went digital". But when she got back to the states she was in for a shock, no matter what device she used, no matter what she tried, the cards could not be read, the images could not be viewed.

Without these images a lot of time, money, and effort (essentially the reason for the mission to Africa) would be for not.

After all other efforts had been exhausted and no images recovered my phone rang, "can I use your COLORSPACE?".

Within seconds of the first card being plugged into the COLORSPACE images started appearing and being download.

Bottom line, every single image was recovered/downloaded. My COLORSPACE proved its worth.

Because the images were recovered the Mbali’s Bracelets project continues moving forward.

Life is good.

If you are interested in learning more about this project you can visit their website here, or contact them here.

(recovered image – click to enlarge)

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